Healing Magic:
discovering your healing path

an 8 week online self-study class

offered by Baruch

Accepting enrollment

Course description: This course is intended to deepen participants’ awareness and relationship with healing as a life practice. We will focus on the experiential as well as the theoretical, weaving both into daily life. Download the Syllabus.pdf (free book link in Bibliography!) to see a more in-depth description.

Goals and objectives: Through a variety of observation exercises and readings you will deepen your awareness of healing as a practice and as part of a world view.

Methods and materials: Participants receive a link to download the lessons in pdf format. Each lesson includes a mini-lecture from the instructor, and a meditation/reflection or awareness exercise. Participants are also welcome to email baruch with impressions, questions, and to discuss the materials.

Week 1 –Healing and Personal Cosmology
  Week 2 –Deepening Awareness Through Observation.
  Week 3 –Intentionality
  Week 4 –Deepening Intentionality
  Week 5 –Healing Interactions
  Week 6 –The Path of Service
  Week 7 –Offering and Giving
  Week 8 –Expanding the Vision

Tuition is Free, donations accepted

To enroll email Baruch and request access to the learning materials.

You will receive confirmation and the links to the lessons within 24 hours.

This coursework is suitable for ages 12 and older